Myth: Safely remove your pen drive !
January 06, 2009
Here is one of the greatest myths.....

How do you eject a pen drive from a computer ?

Most people will right click on their taskbar and click on "Safely remove Hardware ".Then they will press stop and then Ok. Thereafter,a message will appear saying "The USB mass storage drive can now be safely removed from the system ".Only after seeing this people feel content and hence remove their pen drives or external hard disks or ipods or whatever.

Now I would like to point out 2 things here.

Firstly,this is a myth that if while ejecting your pen drive you don't follow the above procedure,your pen drive will be damaged or data will be corrupted.It is totally safe to remove your pen drive directly .

Now, if you need to know why this conventional procedure is followed then here is the reason : Safely removing button ensures that no data transfer is currently taking place between your PC and the drive.If transfer is taking place then it does not let you remove your drive by giving the error message "This generic volume cannot be stopped now ".So my point is that if after transferring your files you are sure that no other transfer is under way then you can directly remove your drive.This is completely safe.

Now the second point.If you have a habit of using the conventional procedure and are hesitant to change,then here is a small trick for you.In the taskbar, press right click then immediately follow it with a left click.You will get a message "Safely remove USB mass storage device ".Click on it and you are done !! No need to press stop and then ok.This is only a little thing but will definitely make your life a lot easier .

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Find out all the passwords saved in firefox with one click
June 22, 2007
This is for all the firefox users.Beware!!! Your stored passwords are not safe.

It is a common task for an average internet user to save their passwords on their personal computers while surfing the web,so that they can avoid the hassle of typing them again and again.
Sounds simple and safe.But it is not so .

Firefox users would be very familiar with this dialog box:

Most of the users click on 'Remember' and then feel satisfied that their passwords are saved and are safe.Well there is the other side of the coin to it.

In Firefox browser:

Go to Tools->Options.Click on security tab.There is a button 'Show passwords' on that page.Click on it.A window will open which will show your usernames and the corresponding site names.Click on 'Show passwords' button there and then select yes.
Voila!!!! What do you see!!!

You would be shocked to see all your passwords listed out with the usernames and the site names.Well,this is the truth.This is a flaw in firefox that can be very dangerous for novice users .Anyone using your computer can find all your passwords within 10 seconds.


There is a pretty simple way you can protect yourself from this.In the security tab,just above the 'Show passwords' button you have an option 'Set a master password'.Just tick this option.So whenever someone tries to access your passwords he will be prompted for this master password.Your passwords are safe now !!

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Combine multiple video and audio files into Single file
June 18, 2007
I recently observed some tricks to combine your video and audio files into a single file without using any additional softwares.These tricks are pretty simple to implement and work fine with many formats.

Trick 1:This one is based on something we do almost everyday,but may never have realized its full potential.

1.Download and install Winrar or Winzip(most of you would already have it !!!).
2.Suppose you have 3 videos in .mpg format that you want to combine.You have to add them into a zip or rar file.
Note:An important thing to note here is that the files must be added without any compression.For eg. in Winrar,select and right click on the files you want to join,click on "Add to archive ",then in the compression method select "Store".
This way the files will not be compressed and the total file size will be the sum of individual components.

3.Now you will get the rar or zip file.Just rename the file as .mpg file(or .mp3 or whatever is the format of your individual files).You will get your combined video file!!!

Note:This works for many audio and video files and also with .flv files(the one you download from Youtube).Thus using this trick you can join multiple videos downloaded from YouTube.

Click here to know how to download videos from YouTube.

Trick 2:This trick is also very simple to implement and works very fine with .mpg ,.flv and .mp3 files(May work with other formats,I have not tested all other formats)This does not work for avi files though.

1.Suppose you want to join 3 video(or audio) files into one.
2.Put all these files in a single folder.Create a blank text file in the same folder.
3.In the text file,type copy /b *.mpg FullMovie.mpg .For other formats replace .mpg with the appropriate extension.
4.Save the file with .bat extension(eg. convert.bat)
Note:if you dont know how to change the file extension read this.
5.Now double click on the convert.bat file.

A file named Fullmovie will be created which contain your combined video.You are done.Enjoy!!!

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Set your favourite video as Wallpaper
June 09, 2007
This is a pretty simple tweak using which you can set any video as your desktop wallpaper.

Just follow the steps given below:

1.Download VLC Media Player and install it.

2.Run VLC media player,go to Settings->preferences->Interface->Main interfaces,then click on wxWidgets.Remove the tick on "Taskbar" and put a tick on "Systray icon".

3.Now go to Video->Output Modules->DirectX.On the bottom right put a tick on advanced options check box.You will now see some options.Put a tick on "Enable Wallpaper Mode ".

4.Now,select playlist and put a check or tick on "Repeat current item ".

5.Press the Save button.Now close the Vlc player and run it again(to save the settings permanently).

6.Now play any video you would like to set as Wallpaper.Right click on the video and click on "Wallpaper".The video would be set as your wallpaper!!!!

Since you have checked the option "repeat current item ",the selected video will play on continuously.It will start again when finished.VLC player will remain in your system tray.If you wish to remove the wallpaper simply close the player and you will get back your original wallpaper.
If you have any query please feel free to drop a comment.

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AGLOCO Viewbar is available for download !!!!
The wait is over ! Agloco has finally released its Viewbar and is now officially available for download on their site.They have sent an e-mail to all the members who have joined their network.This seems very interesting and let us hope it becomes successful too.Keep your fingers crossed !!!

For those people who dont know what Agloco is,it is a small software which rests at the bottom of your screen and generates revenue for you while you surf the web.It shows relevant ads while you surf.There is no Spyware or Adware in this little piece of software and seems reliable to use.You can refer your friends to join agloco and when you do so,you create your own network of referrals and earn as your friends surf the web.
The network goes down 5 levels and this makes it much more tempting,as more the referrals you build,more becomes your earning potential.It is the latest buzz on the net these days.

Although,many people have doubted its credibility,I personally feel that you should give it a try as it is absolutely free of cost.So I recommend that you join Agloco now.Click here to join.
If you have anything to share related to agloco,please feel free to drop in a comment.

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posted by Kartik at 12:26 AM | Permalink | 0 comments has blocked MTNL and BSNL users
May 06, 2007
Yes,you read right.There is a buzz going on the net these days,among the people using MTNL Triband or BSNL Dataone broadbands ,they are UNABLE to access most of them have started cursing MTNL and BSNL because they think that it is these ISP's who have blocked site,but the truth is that it is actually the other way round.

Actually,Demonoid has blocked all the users with the IP range,and both MTNL and BSNL users fall within this category.

Proof: I did a tracert of the site & it went well past MTNL's ISP.So this means, MTNL (or BSNL either) are not blocking the site.This means that Demonoid is blocking us.

Reason: Obviously,you would be curious to know that why is Demonoid doing such a thing.Well,from what i know(this may not be true),someone recently tried to hack demonoid and that person's IP was in the range.So as a precautionary measure demonoid has blocked all the users in this ip range.I hope this would be a temporary ban and would soon be removed.

Solution: If you are upset after reading the above ,cheer up.This is because there are very easy workarounds to get past this problem.You can still access from sites like or or and easily download your torrents.So no need to worry.
You can even use proxies if you want to access demonoid.All these methods are tried and tested and indeed work efficiently.

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